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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Four-year-old dies, parents hospitalised after Mwingi house torched


A four-year-old girl has succumbed to her burns at a private hospital in Kitui after her family's house was torched at night.

Her parents were also hospitalised after the attack in Kivou, Mwingi Central, two days ago.

“On December 28, my house was locked from outside while we were asleep and set on fire," the girl's father Sammy Kilonzo Kioko said from a hospital bed.

He said he screamed and neighbours rushed to their rescue. They were taken to a private hospital in Mwingi.

After the first incident, he recorded a police statement and the officers visited his home  the crime scene. The officers assured that they would conduct thorough investigations and bring the perpetrators to book.

Kioko said that immediately after the first arson, they camped at his neighbour’s house for fear of repeat attacks as the assailants were still at large. They later opted to return home.

“I hired a watchman and my family and I went home,” he said.

The attackers soon reemerged. 

“The door was locked from outside again and this time they seemed to have poured more petrol, for before neighbours ran to our rescue, my wife and our daughter had sustained severe burns,” Kioko said.

The wife and daughter were referred to a Kitui facility where the girl died.

Mwingi Central police commander Peter Mutuma said the three were admitted to private hospitals in Mwingi and Kitui towns.

“The four-year-old daughter died at a private hospital in Kitui while receiving treatment,” Mutuma said.

Mutuma said investigations were under way to ensure the lawbreakers are arrested and arraigned.

Mary Mbiti, a neighbour, said they have been living in fear as they do not know the motive of the attackers and cannot tell who is next.

“I urge security officers to be more vigilant and ensure we are safe because we are currently living in fear,” she said.

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