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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Village without mosquito nets in Malindi


A village in Kakoneni, Malindi subcounty, has high cases of malaria because residents do not have mosquito nets.

Kakoneni East village, which has more than 3,000 inhabitants, was established in 2018 by people who were displaced by floods from River Sabaki. They lost all their possessions, including mosquito nets.

A report from a local health facility indicates that each week they treat at least eight cases of malaria, mostly children.

Journalists toured the village on Wednesday and found that the majority of residents had no mosquito nets and were not wearing masks. 

Kenneth Karisa, the founder of Karisa Foundation, a local NGO, said he learned of the residents plight after distributing drugs at the dispensary in Kakoneni. He also gave them mosquito nets and masks.

"We went to donate drugs at their dispensary and the health officials told us that there are many cases of malaria in the area," he said.

Sanita Mkana said her four children have been falling sick because they sleep without mosquito nets.

"It's impossible for us to sleep under mosquito nets because we do not have them, so we just stay that way," she said.

Mkana thanked the Karisa Foundation for donating nets and appealed to other well-wishers to come to their aid.

Village elder Ngala Mwagandi said malaria is a major challenge for them because the village is surrounded by bushes.

Sharon Amina thanked Karisa Foundation for the nets as they have been suffering for a long time with cases of malaria.

She said the entire village had no nets because all their household items were swept away by floods.

"We take more than 20 children with cases of malaria to the hospital every month," she said.

Amina also called on the government to educate the residents on Covid-19 as they only hear about the pandemic on the radio.

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