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Thursday, 31 December 2020

True, hatred of Jews is also racism


Betty Caplan (Daily Nation, September 6, 2001) gave Charles Shiroko a good reason why we fail to understand the Palestinian issue, namely, confusion between three little words - "Jew", "Semite" and "Zionist".

Naturally, he missed it. So since I said Zionismis racism (Sunday Nation, September 2), Shiroko replied (Sunday Nation, September 9) that I myself am anti-Jewish and "racist".

Like all of us, he has swallowed an old Zionist bait: As we know from Nairobi's "David Marks", any criticism of Zionism is branded "anti-Semite" because "Semite" is identified with Western Jewry. But Jewry (Judaism) is not Zionism.

Many Jews criticize Zionism sharply, like linguist Noam Chomsky, journalist Michael Kiernan and musician Yehudi Menuhin. His father Moshe calls Zionist Israel The Desecration of Judaism in Our Time.

And not all modern Jews are Semites. Practically all Euro-American Jews are pedigree Caucasian proselytes consanguine with the Magyars (Hungarians) and the Suomi (Finns). Only Jews native to Palestine or recently repairing from Afro-Arab countries are Semitic.

As Kiernan puts it, the Arabs (of all religions) are the only true Semites extant. Thus the Western dictionary definition of an "anti-Semite" as a Jew-hater is utter stupidity.

Biblical scholar John Strugnell clearly dislikes Jews, but with rare honesty. He rejects the tag of "anti-Semitism" but admits that he is "anti-Judaist". Leo Pinkster's term "Judaeophobia" is also to the point.

These epithets refer to a religion now embraced by all races.

Anti-Jewry is thus racism only if we accept Christendom's false portrayal of its Jewry as Semitic.

Only Euro-America, then - not me - has ever been guilty of this racism, subjecting its Jews to 2,000 years of opprobrium, pogroms, expulsions and "final solutions".

Yet the very people recently responsible for a typical hecatomb in which six million Jews lie have the face to claim that the Palestinian struggle against Zionism is what is anti-Semitic. Let him understand how the Arabs, being the Semites, can be anti-Semitic!

True, "Judaism" was also once an ethnic term - indeed, a branch of the Semitic race: the Judaean theo-polity. But  in the European diaspora it lost all ethnic significance, retaining only the religion.

Zionism tries to hide under both the religion and the race to pursue a purely political agenda, and this only as a proxy of Christo-imperialism.

Modern Zionism is a 19th-century Eastern European movement dedicated to colonising Palestine by both force and ethno-religious fraud, with the crucial help of Jewry's own butchers of two whole millennia.

In his Judaism, Zionist rabbi Isidore Epstein admits that, with the publication of Theodore Herzl's Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State), the Zionist faction defiled Judaism by becoming worldly conquistadores. For, as Christian theologian Oxtoby argues, the Jerusalem of God is "on high", not in Palestine. '

The alleged "Judaeo-Christian tradition" by which Anglo-Saxonia has totally committed itself to its age-old victims is thus only as old and as self-serving as the Balfour Declaration, less than 100 years ago.

What could possibly explain this sudden embrace of a group once "accursed" as "god-killers"? The answer: The surge of Zionism coincided with the gush of Arab oil. Industrial needs made it exigent to adopt as your own this Zionist mission and use it to plant a white Trojan Horse (Israel) among those effusive oilfields!

And since Jewry remains painfully allergic in 'Christendom's skin, Zionism made it possible for Christendom to rid itself of that old curse: Help the Jews permanently out of Europe, and so soothe your allergy.

Fob off to the Arabs the responsibility for your own 2,000 years of "anti-Semitic" slaughterhouse, and so assuage your nagging guilt.

And the Zionists have ruthlessly exploited the situation.

They have created Hollywood, grabbed all key American financial and media houses and used them to tie the US tightly to a straitjacket of thought and action from which it is impossible to harm Israel.

In a word, the Zionists have packaged their Jews as'Semites, so as to pawn them to the Christians as Myrmidons in the robbery and enslavement of the real Semites.

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