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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Separately or united they can’t match Ruto in 2022


We faced the same alliance during the Msambweni by-election but we still beat them. But such an alliance is very welcome. It is very healthy.

It is good that they have realised that separately or divided they cannot face the Deputy President and even united, they cannot handle him. We are ready and they are most welcome.

We shall face them with all their might. We shall be with the people. They have the system and deep state and we have God and the people. So, we have no problem with them.

We knew the alliance would be there. We knew they will come together because of their selfish interests and not the people’s interests. We represent the interests of the people and we will definitely be ready to face them.

However big the coalition will be, William Ruto will also have a huge coalition of the hustler nation and God. We will face them.

Single-handedly, the DP managed to change the Building Bridges Initiative report – a document that had been worked on for two years.

He just spoke in one function where he was the minority and everything changed. All those who attended the launch of the BBI report at Bomas of Kenya had been choreographed or programmed to clap and say yes, yes to the BBI without questioning.

The DP spoke and the document was changed.

So, really, we have no fear at all. We don’t fear them at all.

Jubilee, our party, had decided not to field candidates in recent by-elections. But because of Msambweni, where they supported the ODM candidate and we floored them, they have now decided to field candidates in the Kabuchai and Matungu by-elections.

Some of us are already fed up with Jubilee because the decision is driven by selfishness. They are not doing that in good faith.

So, they can go ahead with their plans but we have already charted our own way. We will support any other candidate but Jubilee’s.

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