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Saturday, 26 December 2020

No Christmas for us, Kwale Matatu operators say


Kwale public service vehicle operators have decried the dwindling of income in the Matatu sector amid the festive seasons due to Covid-19 pandemic.

The matatu operators said their Christmas was marked with sadness and disappointment as the number of passengers drastically dropped.

They said last year, in such a period, they used to earn over Sh8,000 per day compared to now when they struggle to get Sh1,500.

Led by the Kwale Matatu operators’ chief security officer Suleiman Mwachoa, they said the matatus are grappling to get customers as very few people opted to travel home for Christmas.

“The matatus are forced to queue for long hours just to get 4-7 passengers because many are heeding to the government warnings against travelling at the epicentre of this pandemic,” he said.

Normally, during the December holidays, the bus stops are full of customers as people rush to celebrate Christmas and mark the New Year with their families back in rural homes.

The bus stages are now almost empty and the number of PSVs vehicles has surpassed that of the passengers.

Mwachoa said some vehicles have temporarily stopped operations due to the lack of customers and losses incurred.

He said for those who decided to take all odds, they make it to three trips per day unlike the previous December holidays when they had up-to 10 rounds.

The officer also said the disruption of income-generating activities in other business sectors by the Covid-19 has prompted people to cut down the holiday travel expenses.

He said a majority of the locals have chosen not to celebrate and save the little money for other things as they wait for the next year.

The PSVs workers said they fear that the situation might persist until January when students will be reporting back to schools.

“Currently, we have lost hope, we expect for things to be great again for us in 2021 where a series of activities will unfold,” said Mwachoa.

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