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Friday, 25 December 2020

MP blows Sh1m on party, now whines about Christmas


In African tradition, food and welcoming visitors are key components of fellowship among a people, community and organisation. But a lawmaker from Nyanza appears to be reading from the economics perspective in his lamentation that such hospitality may be merciless on one’s pockets. The man is bemoaning the fact he may not have the best of Christmases, having spent a fortune to accommodate a host of visitors who trooped to his constituency recently for a fete. The fellow says he dug deep into his reserves to meet the Sh1 million budget for hosting the dignitaries. The MP concluded he will not be traveling to his constituency for the Christmas holiday in his current "state of brokenness".


Why would a legislator call for unity among people in his region and then be at the forefront in castigating his counterparts in the area? His incessant attacks on other legislators from Western region have made locals question his commitment to uniting the region ahead of the 2022 General Election. The Member of Parliament has lately been pointing fingers at his counterparts, accusing them of being an impediment to Luhya unity ahead of the forthcoming by-elections in Matungu and Kabuchai constituencies. Residents are wondering whether the decision by a political party to field a candidate in any of the two polls to challenge his party’s pick amounts to dividing the region.


Are some ODM Members of Parliament  plotting to remove a colleague from parliamentary committees over his questionable loyalty to the party leader? Well, this seems to be the scheme of a clique that has been fed up with the MP’s recent habit of opposing their party boss. A mole disclosed that the team of legislators met in an office of a House leader in Parliament. There they  resolved to petition their party supremo to sanction the removal of the vocal lawmaker whose allegiance has been questioned. The mole intimated that the party leader could receive the petition as early as next week before the process of removing him from all House committee officially begins.

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