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Thursday, 31 December 2020

Kitui leaders raise alarm over second wave of a desert locust invasion


An alert has been sounded over the second wave invasion of desert locust in Kitui County by the local county administration.

The office of Deputy Governor Wathe Nzau who has since last year been coordinating efforts to repulse the initial invasion by the ravenous insects said they have been sighted in Mutha and Kanziku ward of Kitui South sub-county.

Kanziku MCA James Munuve said that for the last two days, locusts have been sited in Kitui since Tuesday.

“They have devoured hundreds of acres of maize, millet, sorghum, cowpeas, and green gram crops,” said Munuve.

The MCA who spoke on Wednesday evening lamented that the locust were causing untold devastation to vegetation and crops in the area considered to be the breadbasket of his ward.

He hoped that by Thursday morning aerial spraying would kick-off as promised.

Nzau said, “Swarms of desert Locust comprising of immature and mature have invaded different Villages in Mutha and Kanziko wards both in Kitui South Sub County.”

In  Mutha ward the locusts have invaded Musenge, Ithambanzou, Kyangoto, Katene, Winyunyi, Kyusini, Sikwata, Ndakani, and Kivandini villages while others have been spotted in Keutunda and Kyanyaa Village of  Kanziku ward.

Agriculture CS Peter Munya had indicated that a technical team with vehicles mounted sprayers would be dispatched to help manage the menace.

Spraying using the motorised pumps mounted on vehicles is expected to start on Thursday.

The DG was bestowed with the responsibility to coordinate efforts by teams from the department of agriculture, local administrators, and community leaders in managing the situation.

The technical team from Nairobi is scheduled to arrive in the county before the end of today, then spraying using motorized pumps mounted on vehicles start by tomorrow.

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