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Thursday, 24 December 2020

CS isolated over series of blunders in ministry


A CABINET SECRETARY is on the edge following a series of blunders and a catalogue of errors dogging the docket. It is understood the CS has been frowning at everyone, cutting a forlorn figure following the missteps in the ministry that has left many wondering. Corridors understand the CS is so isolated, with President Uhuru Kenyatta seeking invaluable advice from other quarters. Our snitch says the awkward moments were in in the full glare when the CS was given a cold shoulder at a recent event, signalling a major fallout with the once blue-eyed official who is now PS. 

TWO NYANZA FEMALE  MPs nearly exchanged blows in the National Assembly on Tuesday. It is reported one MP accused the other of undermining her in the constituency by launching government projects which she had lobbied for from the national government. Sources whispered to Corridors the accusations degenerated into a bitter verbal exchange with the accusing MP charging menacingly towards her colleague. It took the intervention of the Sergeant-At-Arms to intervene to restore order. The accused MP then made a telephone call to her brothers to come for her protection. The accused MP failed to join her colleagues in a Kamkunji committee meeting due to the tension. The accused MP has been at loggerheads with other MPs in the county because of superiority complex and political ambitions.

A TOP STATE official is now being blamed for the collapse of negotiations that would have resulted in the return to work by health workers who have been on the streets for two weeks now. Some senior officials from the state department which was spearheading the talks are not happy that their month-long negotiation has stalled because of a statement that they believe was not well thought out. The dejected officers in hushed tones are now calling for intervention from above to unlock the stalemate which puts to risk the lives of millions of poor Kenyans.

THE DIRECTOR OF communications at a county in the Western region is in trouble.  The man collected Sh200,000 meant for a meeting with area journalists, which never was. The meeting had been organised to encourage "bonding with the governor". However, his antics have been uncovered by the chief officer, the office of the governor. The chief officer is said to have vowed to teach the official a lesson for the theft. He has been ordered to refund the cash or have the same deducted from his salary. He is also blaming the official for the governor’s poor relationship with the media. A bird whispered to Corridor that the now furious governor has said he will not sit back watching his resources going to waste and his political star dwindle.

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