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Thursday, 24 December 2020

Avoid real-time social media posts on your vacation


The festive season brings a lot of excitement, long breaks away from work, family gatherings and vacations to various destinations to unwind after a long  stressful year.

It's tempting to tell all your friends what you're doing away from home.

Most people share real-time special moments with their online friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others.

But these could signal to criminals that your home is vacant for sometime and a target.

SGA Security  CEO Julius Delahaije said online ‘friends’ could turn out to be burglars scouting for evidence and clues about one’s whereabouts, especially with the whole family.

These daily clues suggest a home will remain unoccupied for a time.

“Burglars tend to plan most home break-ins in advance. They look for clues to ‘sweep’ the home, Delahaije said.

"In most cases, they target their victims remotely through social media channels."

Online signs are not the only clues. Burglars also cruise through neighbourhoods for offline clues such as locked doors, windows, drawn curtains, absence of cars and little or no movements in a house or compound.

“Let us all remain vigilant throughout the festive season. If possible, assign someone to keep checking the house or business property while away,” he advised.


Most social media posts tag locations and photos while on the go, suggesting step by step movement, such as 'at the airport', 'travelling to Malindi', 'having fun at XXX hotel', giving clues to thieves.

Take time to familiarise yourself with privacy settings and features of all social media accounts. Only divulge locations to audiences chosen by you, not to the public.

Delahaije reiterated the need to be vigilant while shopping in malls, in parking lots and implementing the Nyumba Kumi initiative whereby neighbours look out for each other and their property.

With Covid-19 protocols to maintain social distancing, it is easy to notice anyone trying to get too close - they might snatch a mobile phone, handback, laptop back, jewellry. Even get away with  your car.

“Threat actors are all over looking for targets," the security expert said.

"I would also advise making use of technology such as CCTV cameras at homes and businesses that one can monitor through an internet-enabled phone or computer from anywhere.”

Other measures to improve security include investing in smart door locks, deploying security guards and dogs.

Delahaije was speaking a day after Police IG announced the deployment of extra security officers countrywide during the festive season.

SGA Security is a private security provider with operations in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania), servicing security contracts throughout the continent.

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