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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

You are a shady womaniser, Harmonize disses Diamond


Singer Harmonize has revived his musical beef with his former boss Diamond Platinumz in his new song ‘Ushamba’.

The song talks about how old-fashioned some things are, how some people eat and drink yet their families are starving.

Harmonize goes on to speak about how witchdoctors have been promoting their businesses on Instagram.

In the song, the 'Kwangwaru' hitmaker throws shade at Wasafi boss Diamond Platnumz.

He depicts the singer as bedding women and spreading the news on social media.

Part of his lyrics go, "Malegend wamerudisha vita, wanahofia ati jeshi anawapita. Halina meno hilo Simba zee, Likila demu lazima litangaze, huo tunaita Ushamba."

Harmonize used Diamond Platnumz' nickname (Simba) to describe what he was singing about. He also featured a Diamond lookalike.

Diamond and Harmonize have been beefing since late last year after Harmonize left WCB to start his record label, Konde Gang.

"I didn't leave with bad blood. There was an issue that failed to resolve and so I told my management that I'm going to do my music alone."

In a past interview, Harmonize said he was required to pay Wasafi Sh24 million should he ditch the label prematurely.

If unable to pay the aforementioned amount, then Wasafi would remain as the owners of the copyrights of all his songs recorded under the label and they would only be handed upon completion of the payout.

"I had to have TSh500 million and the cost of creating all the songs that we did while there," he said. Harmonize sold some of his properties to finish paying up the full amount and other miscellaneous expenses.

"I didn't have the money so I sold some of my assets. There is a place I was building my houses, three of them, and I had to sell them. I did that since money is nothing."

In a recent interview, Diamond said he likes when there is beef in the industry as it helps in keeping artistes on track.

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