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Friday, 20 November 2020

UAE suspends Visa issuance for Kenyans due to Covid-19 surge


The United Arab Emirates suspended the issuance of new visas to visitors from Kenya and 11 other countries.

The other countries include; Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya.

However, only Pakistan appeared to confirm the news through reports in its media quoting government officials.

The Pakistan Foreign Affairs Ministry said the suspension will not affect those with already issued visas.

It was not immediately clear what categories of Visa were also affected by this directive from the UAE.

Kenya broke its daily record of cases, recording almost 1,500 infections in one day with deaths soaring sharply.

Current death count stands at over 1,300 deaths, and over 70,500 confirmed cases. 

The surge is caused by fewer people wearing masks and adhering to social distancing rules. 

Early this month, political rallies and large gatherings were banned by the president.

Officials and doctors are urging people not to become complacent and to continue to follow the rules.

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