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Friday, 6 November 2020

The Clarion Call for True Leaders


Increasing uncertainty signals the need for true leaders. We live in uncertain times. Each day brings new surprises, and long-term plans are challenging to make. Add a global pandemic, and the picture can be discouraging. Here is the good news: this is the perfect backdrop for true leaders to emerge.

History proves that uncertainty sets the stage for the emergence of true leaders. But first, who is a true leader? This is a person who is willing and able to solve the problems caused by uncertainties. True leaders genuinely care about the welfare of others and therefore serve people with their best – they are obsessed with lifting people. True leaders are successful because they understand these three concepts. Let me explain.

Humility: Uncertainty is tricky. There are many moving parts, and much is unclear. Here, we do not need leaders who are stuck in their ways and closed to new thinking. In my view, humility is the willingness and capacity to learn, grow, and change. By this definition, a leader’s ability to skilfully navigate uncertainty requires that they be open to continuous learning, willing to grow and change their thinking where necessary. Pride does not work in times of uncertainty. If they are unwilling to learn, grow, and change, leading could prove difficult.

 Respect: To successfully lead in these times, one principle that a leader must understand is this: treat everyone with dignity and respect. True leaders understand and value this principle. This must be a strong value if you want to lead well post Covid-19. Gone are the days when you disrespected and maltreat the people who you lead without consequences. Now, with social media, people can easily fight back.

True leaders respect everyone. Now, we need leaders who know how to engage at every level with emotional intelligence. We need leaders who have a deep understanding of honour and the role that it plays in lifting people. You must be that leader who knows how to convey value. The future needs leaders who understand the value of people and honours it.

Growth: True leaders are growing leaders. Globally, we are dealing with massive changes, and this means that leaders must be skilled at continuously evolving. Now, as a leader, it helps to have a growth plan to stay ahead of the times – you cannot afford to be complacent. True leaders value growth and invest their time, energy, and resources to ensure that it happens – this is how they show up strong

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