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Friday, 6 November 2020

Read BBI report and make informed decisions, MP urges youth


Young people have been urged to read the Building Bridges Initiative report so they are able to make informed decisions on whether to support the recommendations.

The encouragement came from Thika Town MP Patrick Wainaina who said youths should not wait for politicians to force the report on them.

He said politicians often incite youths either to reject or approve proposals they don't understand and that it was better if the youth can read the report and make their own decisions.

“It is imperative for everyone and especially the youth to read the BBI report and understand it well. If the proposals contained in the document are not of any help to them, then they will make a well-versed decision to vote down the document. Let’s not wait for other people to read it for us,” Wainaina said.

He was speaking at a meeting with youths in Thika Town on Thursday.

“If it is okay pass it, if it’s not, reject it. This is not the time of saying that someone has read it for us,” the MP said.

He said that the constitutional amendments proposed in the BBI report are good for the country’s governance, economy and the future of most youths.

“The BBI steering committee has good objectives for the country. The Helb grace period for fresh graduates and the seven-year tax break for youth-led SMEs are some of the proposals that will enable most young people to stand on their feet economically,” Wainaina said.

He cautioned young people against being used by politicians who are often pursuing selfish political interests.

Last month, two young men from Thika’s Kiandutu and Kiang’ombe slums died in the chaos that erupted at Kenol town in Murang'a county where Deputy President William Ruto was attending a service at Africa Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa.

"Be wary of politicians who will dish out little money to you to cause mayhem in political meetings. If the leaders have your interests at heart, they would be championing how you can get employment or get access to state funds to enable you to start your own income-generating ventures,” Wainaina said.

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