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Thursday, 19 November 2020

Nyanza MP hires bloggers to discredit BBI after Raila fallout


A first-term Nyanza MP is a worried man, having publicly fallen out of favour with the ODM leader Raila Odinga (pictured). The lawmaker is facing a bleak future and his prospects for reelection are grim. The theatrical MP is now planning to rock the Building Bridges Initiative boat. He shocked his constituents with recent comments about a team formed by Raila to spearhead the process. So desperate is the legislator that he has hired bloggers to discredit the BBI document and referendum process online. His dealings appear to have angered voters who say a political lesson awaits the gentleman in 2022. They also want the Orange Party to punish the lawmaker.

An MP from the Rift Valley has formally ditched his girlfriend who aborted his baby and blamed the 'miscarriage' on an infection. The MP is said to have booted the young lady out so he could commit more time to his family. His illicit escapades had threatened to ruin his relations with a fellow MP, who is a relative of the scorned lady in question. The MP can now breathe a sigh of relief as the abandoned lady has shifted the focus of her wrath. She now threatens to frustrate one of his close relatives' bid for a state job.

As the referendum bells continue to toll, groups and caucuses are lining up strategies to cash in on it. Backers of the groups are said to be pushing for a hotly contested and divisive plebiscite to make a killing from the impending divisions. Corridors has overheard members pushing for a fierce contest, expressing dismay and frustration that the other faction is not swallowing the bait to bitterly oppose the change of laws. Inebriated members say they are not certain of their role in the 2022 General Election and a contested referendum presents an ample opportunity to make a substantial amount of money. Just how immoral and insensitive can one be to scheme to make a dime during the time of a pandemic!

A bribe-hungry cop in Mtwapa is said to be cashing in on visitors to the coastal area. The cop, mostly seen in muguka dens, has been hawk-eyeing visitors leaving eateries in the area without their masks on. He then arrests and handcuffs them. The man shouts that he is following presidential orders to enforce Covid-19 protocols. Then he frog marches his 'clients' to the police station and locks them up without booking them in the Occurrence Book. He then hands them over to a 'good cop' who nicely explains he's been ordered to give people their freedom in exchange of Sh2,000.  

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