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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Kwale records three Covid-19 deaths


Kwale county has recorded its first coronavirus deaths after three patients succumbed to Covid-19 on Friday, Governor Salim Mvurya said.

The first two cases involved Kwale locals who died while receiving treatment in other regions while the third victim died within the county.

Kwale's total Covid-19 infections stood at 259 on Friday from a sample size of 3,816 that has so far been tested.

Some 151 cases are from other parts of Kenya and foreigners with the locals accounting for the remaining 108.

Two patients remain under keen observation at the Msambweni Covid-19 unit, six others were released after recovering on Thursday.

The six were all asymptomatic.

Kwale is one of the counties where the rate of infection has remained relatively slow since the pandemic began in March.

Mvurya warned of a possible upsurge in infections saying the disease was spreading quickly at the community level.

“I beg you to follow all the public health guidelines and prevention measures because the virus is moving very fast,” he said.

On Wednesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta lamented that the rate of infection in the country had shot up four times since lockdown restrictions were eased with October recording the highest number.

By Friday, Kenya's virus load stood at 60,704 with 1,093 fatalities and 40,131 recoveries.

To curb the spread of the virus, Mvurya said the county had formed teams in all its four sub-counties of Lunga-Lunga, Kinango, Matuga and Msambweni to help in creating Covid-19 awareness and ensure strict adherence to containment protocols.

The teams are led by deputy county commissioners, public health workers, police  and other stakeholders.

Mvurya said the virus has not yet spread in schools but necessary measures have been taken to keep teachers and learners safe.

He said they were going to train at least two teachers in each school on how to deal with a Covid-19 positive case, safe quarantine and isolation.

The training would be conducted in partnership with the Health ministry.

Mvurya urged the residents to protect themselves against the virus.

“We now have to take personal responsibility because if you don’t, you risk the lives of everyone you come into contact with and lastly the disease will wipe us out without mercy,” he said.

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