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Friday, 20 November 2020

Jacque Maribe suffered two miscarriages before welcoming son


Media personality Jacque Maribe has for the first time opened up about losing two pregnancies before welcoming her son Zahari.

Speaking in an interview with True Love CEO, Caroline Mandi, Jacque narrated how she battled with a fertility condition.

"I had almost gotten a baby before but I suffered a miscarriage. It was tough at the time because it was so new to me. Then we tried again, suffered a second miscarriage and didn’t know what was going on,’ she said.

The mother of one added that she was sure that she would never become a mother after doctors discovered she suffered from the septate.

(A septate uterus is a deformity of the uterus, which happens during fetal development before birth. A membrane called the septum divides the inner portion of the uterus, at its middle.)

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She said that hers had a wall between and so they realised that the problem was the baby would either be planted on one side or the other and as they grow the wall didn't move and that led to a miscarriage.

The condition was to be fixed through surgery but luckily she did not go through it.

"We were lucky we found out earlier so I was told I had to undergo surgery to get rid of it and give ourselves a period and wait and now the baby would have at least enough space to carry to maybe 30 something weeks and don’t have to get to 40. I remember I panicked and I said I’m not gonna do this," she said.

"It took a while, I can’t remember how many years it was and every day I used to pray and ask God 'what is too hard for you? I don’t have to have this surgery if you want you can make that thing elastic by whatever miracle but just make it elastic, create space."

Jacque welcomed her son Zahari, who was fathered by comedian Eric Omondi.

"I hadn’t done the surgery yet. My son is a miracle baby," she said.

After the baby came, Jacque underwent the surgery.

The media personality revealed that she wants to have one more child.

Jacque also revealed that her son's name Zahari means God has remembered.

"It’s a personal name and we have a very personal relationship. He makes me happy," she said.

Jacque later broke up with Eric when she thought things were getting serious for them, leaving her hurt.

"Sometimes I don’t know what is wrong with men. I think it’s something I wanted, but he was in a space where he wasn’t ready," she said.

"I think we were in both different places and right now Eric is my friend today."

"At the time we were together, he still wanted to have the girls and the groupies and he was blowing up and we would go places and girls would ignore me, but he would be respectful enough and tell them 'say hi to my girlfriend'."

She went on, "I was tying him down being in a serious relationship, his star was busting and shining and then now the baby situation comes and I said this is what I want for myself and we agreed to go our separate ways and we remain friends."

On whether she would date the comedian again, Jacque said;

"That ship sailed."

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