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Monday, 9 November 2020

File sharing apps you need to know


We were so used to sharing files through Bluetooth, which sometimes took long for a file to be received on the other end. A solution was brought of sending huge files to a person, hence the creation of file sharing applications.

A file-sharing app is the application program that enables and equips effective collaboration. With file sharing applications, you get to save, share, manage and collaborate on business critical files and documents in one place.

One of the best file sharing apps is ProofHub. It is a single platform that brings together everything you need within one software suite including a centralized file management system.

With this application, teams can share files and collaborate directly on them using one tool.

It also allows you to integrate seamlessly with popular third party file management apps like Google Drive, Dropbox and box.

Synology Drive is another file sharing app. It is a tool designed to sync files between your computers and Synology NAS over the Internet.

Your important files and information are always available when needed. It is an ideal file sharing solution for remote offices, SMBs and enterprises with multiple branches. It also offers automatic syncing capabilities that let you streamline files throughout the different offices.

FileCloud is file-sharing app that is a web-based software solution for robust and secure file sharing within organisations of all sizes and industries.

It allows you to save and share files on a self-hosted server or web-based platform. This app backs up all your data safely so that you can collaborate with others by giving them access to space specifically created for this purpose.

Some of the advantages of using file sharing apps is that it makes accessing the desired piece of information easy, convenient and instantaneous while working on a given task or project.

It reduces the amount of effort, time and energy you usually invest and lets you focus more on the performance and productivity part of the project management process.

Reduced costs are another advantage of using file-sharing apps. In addition to an organisation’s operational expense, an organisation is supposed to invest in its own infrastructure for storing, sharing and maintaining the files.

However using the right file management system or file sharing tool, it can save the amount of money that would have otherwise spent on infrastructure.

These file-sharing applications save on time by having a dedicated space for organizing, sharing and collaborating on files.

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