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Monday, 5 October 2020

US donates Sh759m, 200 ventilators to aid Kenya's post-Covid recovery


The United States has donated 200 brand-new, state-of-the-art ventilators to Kenya to assist its fight against Covid-19.

"These ventilators are another example of American expertise and generosity in the global battle against the virus," ambassador Kyle McCarter said on Monday.

The ambassador said USAID will deliver the ventilators directly to the facilities selected by the Kenyan government and ensure that they are recorded in the inventory books of the counties receiving them.

This ventilator support is in addition to the Sh6 billion already committed to supporting Kenya’s Covid-19 response through equipment, testing, training, and research, as well as supporting health, water and sanitation, education, employment and food security needs.

The US government also donated Sh759 million the Mara landscape, Northern, and Coastal Kenya to support local communities to recover from the loss of tourism and livelihoods due to adverse impacts of Covid-19.

Local Works will engage local leaders and community members to design solutions that will attract and increase private sector investment, support the economic empowerment of local communities, especially for women and youth, and enhance the capacity of community conservancies to access funding necessary for them to thrive and establish stable livelihoods.

McCarter and USAID Acting Administrator John Barsa announced the program during a visit to the Naboisho Conservancy.

“Tourism is critical to a strong Kenyan economy and the United States is committed to helping Kenya’s magnificent tourist areas remain strong as tourists start to return,” said Ambassador McCarter.

“By focusing our assistance directly to and for local communities, we ensure the funds are used by those who know what is needed best and increase transparency and accountability. USA Marafiki means making sure our support goes where it is needed."

Acting Administrator Barsa said, “Local Works will focus on conserving biodiversity and wildlife, increasing women’s participation in the governance and leadership processes and provide opportunities for women-owned, conservation-focused enterprises.”

By partnering with locally-led conservancies, the United States will continue to champion innovative local leadership for conservation and economic investments as a pathway to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable communities in Kenya.

The program will be fully driven by conservancy leadership and their members and grounded on what they identify as their highest priorities.

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