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Monday, 12 October 2020

UhuRuto are having the time of their lives, don't expect them to make peace soon


Kenyans, please don't expect Uhuru and Deputy President William Ruto to kiss, hug and make peace anytime soon.

It's in their strategic and mutual interest to maintain the current state of war.

I don't think it's far fetched to speculate that they have signed off this together.

First, Uhuru doesn't have a lot to show for his presidency.

The economy has tanked. We have borrowed three trillion during his tenure.

Probably 80 per cent is stolen by members of his govt. Poverty has never been this bad in Kenya.

Corruption is at dizzy heights and those pulling the strings are very close to power.

With a zero score on the card, he can't face Kenyans.

So it makes sense for Uhuru to engage in trivial personality politics with a handshake with Raila or a superficial and controlled low-intensity conflict with his deputy.

It spares him the war with a very hungry and angry 50 million Kenyans.

Uhuru has changed the narrative at a very cheap cost.

The war between Uhuru and Ruto is more beneficial to the latter.

He like Uhuru has nothing to show for Jubilee's promises.

He like Uhuru knows that the country was looted by Jubilee.

He like Uhuru knows that they can't account for three trillion in loans.

So why is the war good for him? First, he has been made a victim and an outcast as Deputy President.

Ruto is loving this. Kenyans like a victim and an underdog.

The sympathy he is receiving and the enormous goodwill it generates for Ruto is priceless.

Second, he is a political new mtoto.

Uhuru, by kicking Ruto out of govt has given him a new political birth certificate.

It shows his date of birth as 1.1.2020. According to this certificate issued by Uhuru, Ruto has no political sin!

Third, Uhuru has told Kenyans that Jubilee is him and him alone.

By shielding Ruto from the thievery and wanton looting by Jubilee, again Uhuru took off so much baggage from Ruto.

Third, my beloved Jubilee is Kanu 2002. Who will take serious either a Jubilee 2022 candidate or one anointed by Jubilee?

Uhuru has made Ruto pick a new party with no Jubilee baggage.

Conclusion: Uhuru and Ruto are having the time of their lives.

Uhuru is neither being audited nor held to account for not delivering to Kenyans.

On one hand he builds hope for Raila. With a 2022 post dated cheque.

On the other by design or default he is laying the ground for Ruto Tano.

Ruto is shedding crocodile tears that Uhuru is hard on him and humiliate him at every turn.

That may be true. But he knows the benefits outweigh the costs.

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