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Friday, 2 October 2020

Staff shortage limits 100% transition from primary to secondary - TSC


The Teachers Service Commission has warned that 100 per cent transition from primary to secondary school will remain a pipe dream unless the budget is significantly increased.

CEO Nancy Macharia said on Thursday that in readiness for a higher transition rate, the commission in early 2018 aimed to recruit an additional 12,626 teachers annually for four years.

“The commission has consistently requested increased budgetary provisions to employ 20,000 teachers annually. This has not borne much fruit as the National Assembly appropriates Sh2.5 billion annually for recruitment of only 5,000 teachers,” she said.

In submissions to the Senate Committee on Education, Macharia said 50,504 teachers are needed to remedy under-staffing in the four years. “Only 23,700 will be recruited during that period. The deficit stands at 26,804,” she added.

Macharia said the commission nonetheless has put in place measures to ensure that replacement of teachers who exit service is done promptly in a month to avert disruptions in learning.

She added that the commission strives to ensure teachers who are already in service and the few who are recruited are proportionately distributed across the country to address staffing gaps.

Committee chair Alice Milgo (Nominated) urged the commission to explore other ways it can address the shortage of teachers.

“Look for other strategies. Get into partnerships to seek additional funding or even engage the National Assembly on the matter and discuss the shortages,” she advised.

Nominated Senator Getrude Musuruve said TSC would not be able to handle increased transition from primary to secondary without money to recruit and promote teachers.

TSC advertised on September 1 for more than 5,000 teachers in both public primary and secondary schools.

Qualified applicants had up to September 14 to submit their details online, using the commission’s website.

The teachers recruited will serve on permanent and pensionable terms.

The commission is recruiting 4,000 secondary school teachers who are Kenyan citizens, have at least a diploma in education and registered with the commission.

The commission also wants to promote and deploy 1,000 public primary teachers. Applicants must be a Kenyan citizens, must hold a PI certificate, and must also be registered with the TSC.

Macharia assured the committee all promotion vacancies are filled competitively to promote national values, fairness, non-discrimination and equity.

“Vacancies are identified based on available budget duly approved by the National Assembly,” she said.

Macharia said vacancies are advertised both in electronic and print media and on the TSC website to attract all suitable and qualified candidates.

“Interviews are conducted with members of the commission in an open, accountable and transparent manner,” she added.

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