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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Ruto man under siege for 'stealing' attendees' payments


A Mombasa-based political operative associated with Deputy President William Ruto is under siege. The man has been avoiding the youth and women whom he had promised to facilitate to attend a function attended by the DP sometime back. A little bird whispers to Corridors the man was given fare reimbursement of about Sh1 million meant for the women and youth - but he only gave out half before violence erupted, events Corridors is told were orchestrated by the man himself to pocket the money over claims of insecurity. The DP’s point men in Mombasa got wind of the incident and no longer pick the fellow’s calls.  It's said he had feared being left out in the cold, that's now where he is.

An influential politician from Nyanza who lost in the last election is the talk of the town over what his neighbours termed the highest level of petty selfishness. The man, in what could expose the suffering of former VIPs, took many by surprise after he covered his mango tree in polythene bags to prevent ripe fruits from falling into his neighbours’ compound. The mango tree branches stretch across the politician’s fence. Some have concluded Members of Parliament (pictured) had a point when they proposed to cushion former VIPs with a Sh100,000 monthly stipend. Maybe they should extend the largesse to other cadres of leaders where the 'suffering' official belongs


A former county assembly clerk in Western Kenya who is facing graft charges seems to be in overdrive to escape arrest. To the utter shock of many, the man recently knelt down before a county secretary, begging him to save him from the snare of anti-graft agencies. He has equally declared the county official the undisputed governor come 2022. The man is mobilising his friends and relatives to support the secretary. The ex-clerk, who once blamed the county secretary for his woes, spent hours at the latter’s office pledging loyalty. The big man, said to have deep pockets, asked the man to rally his people to honour him. 

It appears the rules on Covid-19 containment now apply depending on which side of the political divide you are aligned to. Well, this was the case of a group of politicians who were on a mission to a far-flung region. They moved at night, in school buses, regardless of the curfew. The lot only dropped a name whenever they were blocked by police officers manning roadblocks on their route. Corridors is informed that law enforcement was given firm instructions to let the group move without any interference, despite their glaring violation of the Covid-19 containment rules for ordinary people. 

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