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Monday, 26 October 2020

Ruto expected at Bomas for BBI launch after missing unveiling event


Deputy President William Ruto is expected at the Bomas of Kenya to invite President Uhuru Kenyatta to deliver his key address during the official launch of the Building Bridges Initiative on Monday.

This is after the Deputy President was conspicuously absent last week during the unveiling of the report.

Ruto instead opted to attend the burial of Huruma MCA Peter Chomba, who died from Covid-19 complications.

The President and ODM party leader Raila Odinga received the BBI report from the Taskforce on October 21 at the new Kisii State Lodge.

Ruto has since said that the conversation regarding BBI should not only focus on politicians but rather address issues affecting a common Kenyan such as job creation.

Uhuru and Raila on the other side have urged Kenyans to support the report after reading it for themselves saying it will enable them to make an informed decision.

The President is expected to lead more than 6,000 invited Kenyans at the Bomas of Kenya in launching the BBI report.

According to the program for the day’s event, some of those expected to speak at Bomas include the Vice-Chairperson of the BBI Steering Committee Adams Oloo and Raila.

Also expected will be presentations from the BBI Technical Group.

On November 27, 2019 the DP was the talk of the town following claims that he was mishandled during the initial BBI launch in Bomas.

Kenyans attention was also on Ruto’s body language, where he seemed restless and bored at the time when Uhuru, Raila, and others were laughing.

At one point, a clip went viral showing a 'dejected' Ruto outside one of the rooms at Bomas.

It took the State House spokesperson Kanze Dena to dismiss the claims that Deputy President William Ruto was locked out of a meeting during the meeting.

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