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Monday, 5 October 2020

Nakuru senior cop secures promotions for wife, girlfriend in the police service


A police boss in a Nakuru sub-county has become a thorn in the flesh of his juniors. Reason? Police officers working in the sub-county say he has become a divisive figure. During recent interviews for promotions, it is reported that the man, who also sat on the interviewing panel, ensured his girlfriend was promoted to the rank of corporal and his wife, said to serve in the same station, to the rank of sub-county commander. The junior officers say those not in his “Team Building Group” lineup stagnate and are overworked. They want Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai (pictured) to intervene.

Two senior legal figureheads who were appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta not too long ago to critical state departments are burning the midnight oil to save their tribesman who is facing the jaws of the Director of Public Prosecutions in the monumental scandal at the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency. A bird in the know of the behind-the-scenes manoeuvres has told Corridors that the two lawyers with senior positions in government have enlisted the help of a Cabinet secretary as they lobby to have the suspect spared in the probe whose files are soon to be forwarded back to DPP Noordin Haji.

A lawmaker from Western Kenya who had been traversing his constituency badmouthing a sitting governor over an alleged corruption got the shock of his life after the county boss hit back at the weekend. The governor, who was attending a funeral in the first-term MP's backyard, exposed the lawmaker, telling him in front of residents to return all financial favours, including county contracts, he has been extending to him. The MP would be seen sitting restlessly.

A County Executive Committee member in the South Rift has become filthy rich. This has raised eyebrows among residents. The man has served in two dockets since 2013, with the longest stint being in the Finance docket. A mole has told Corridors of Power that the CEC recently bought a huge piece of land for Sh20 million and quickly put up an exceptional mansion that is now the talk of the town. Not just that, he is said to be finishing up apartments in Kajido county and another set is coming up on the outskirts of his county. Can the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Agency conduct a lifestyle audit of the man?

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