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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Meru parents beg for bursaries, masks, supplies


Buuri parents have said they are suffering economically because of Covid-19 and urged Meru Woman Representative Kawira Mwangaza to help.

They uged her to provide bursaries, face masks, personal supplies and necessities.

Parents said the back-to-school announcement caught them by surprise. They said they are struggling because of Covid-19 and unable to supply their children's school requirements.

Speaking at Nkuliga village in Buuri, Meru, the parents discussed how to get loans for school fees and necessities.

They criticised Mwangaza, saying she was biased in disbursing affirmative action funds.

Many parents said Covid-19 had left them jobless and the few families with crops and cattle didn't get good prices.

Agnes Nkatha said they lobbied in vain for bursaries and other support but were chased away.

“Schools are opening yet we have never received any aid in the form of masks or even food yet we see our woman rep giving others coronavirus aid on television.

"I was her chief campaigner in 2017 but she forgot us. We are pleading with her to support us or we will dump her for other leaders," Nkatha said.

Fridah Gatwirifrom Muruguma said despite the legislator coming from their area, their children have never received bursaries from her office.

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