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Friday, 2 October 2020

Do Not Settle for Less


The global pandemic has made a crazy world crazier. Now, it is difficult to look far into the future. Many of the things that were considered sources of stability in our modern madness are no longer that. No one ever imagined it this way.

I have noticed that the mental effect of this pandemic includes people settling for less, lowering their standards, and stepping down on their dreams. Many people do not want to dream too big or reach too far because they are afraid to look into the future; their desire for greatness has waned. Now, they do not want too much – they want just enough to get by. The global pandemic has broken their spirits and weakened their souls. But that does not have to be your story because of this one reason.

There is more – much more. You do not have to settle for less. Now is not the time to draw back, cave in, and shutdown on your dreams. It is time to move forward; it is time to advance in courage. Do not let your fears stop you. The global pandemic is not the end of your dream.

Let me remind you that some of the massively successful global businesses that we now celebrate started in a recession. General Motors started in a recession; IBM launched in the middle of a two-year economic panic and Microsoft began in uncertain times. History is littered with stories of people who pushed for their dreams during a crisis and succeeded. They did not hold back, and neither should you.

Furthermore, aim higher now because your potential is infinite. Covid-19 cannot cancel your potential. The possibilities within you are far more potent than a global crisis. Your potential is inexhaustible, and it can outlive any crisis.

Interestingly, crisis creates new opportunities and options. During this pandemic, many economic opportunities that were considered insignificant are now viable. Some people have been pleasantly surprised at how their creativity has flourished in this crisis. Many people have rediscovered themselves in different ways and are now on new paths that they never imagined before now. Along with the global chaos came new dreams and possibilities.

Now, you can go further than ever. It is time to dream anew and do not let the pandemic cripple you. Let this crisis broaden your scope, not make it narrow; do let the global stress stretch and push you towards greatness. Remember, there is much more, and you can have it.

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