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Sunday, 11 October 2020

Diana once left me to live in her ex-boyfriends home – Bahati painfully narrates


Gospel singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are one of the most popular of Kenyan couples. The celebs owe that to Bahatl’s singing career, their influential social media pages and lastly their reality TV shows.

So one would most likely expect to know everything possible about them and their marriage. Guess again. The reason I write this is because of a recent revelation that Bahati made about his 5-year marriage to Diana that had me dumbfounded and shocked.

He said that they have had some bad moments where he felt that their relationship was slipping through the cracks. According to the “Wanani” singer his wife would normally leave the marital home when things got thick.

He even gave the example of her leaving with their at the time five-month-old baby Heaven Bahati. Speaking on their YouTube channel the couple smiled and laughed as they narrated their painful breakup.

But the most shocking part of the story was that Diana didn’t go home to her parents (as one would expect) but to her exes home.

“Whenever I remember this thing I honestly get so mad. Imagine guys, I love this woman so much but she once left me and went to live with her ex-boyfriend,” Bahati pointed out.

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But Diana had a defense for her shocking move saying that she was homeless at the time and needed someone to comfort her. “He used to send me memes. I was a single mum and I was so depressed. When I went to stay at my father’s place, he was tough and did not have the tenderness a mother would provide,” she defended herself.

The former model then promised to give more details of what had happened and apologised to her husband for her past actions

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