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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Commissioner, MP King'ang'i feud over security situation


An Embu legislator and a deputy county commissioner have accused each the other of nepotism and incompetence in a row over insecurity in the region. 

Mbeere South deputy county commissioner Charles Ingiha claims area MP Geoffrey King'ang'i is staging calls for his removal. 

Ingiha says he has refused to allow the employment of the MP's unqualified allies as chiefs and their assistants. 

“The recruitments of chiefs and assistant chiefs sometimes bring about political interest where everybody wants to bring somebody to serve his current and future political interest. When he brings a person who does not meet the minimum basic requirement and I reject him, he ( the MP) says I'm not supporting him and that I'm sabotaging him,” Ingiha said.

He said the few murder cases reported in the subcounty are being investigated.

Security is handled by several agencies, the commissioner said, thus the MP singling him out for blame is a sign of bias and hidden agenda.

King'ang'i has accused the commissioner of failing to stem insecurity in the region. He said he will never rest until he ensures the official is removed from the subcounty.

Three people have been killed in the subcounty, including a woman who was murdered by a mob. The woman's house was also torched. 

The MP said the incident was a further reason for Ingiha to be removed. 

But Ingiha said the mob was pursuing the woman's sons who had allegedly stolen from a spare-parts shop. He said the woman engaged the mob and was killed.

Four suspects have been arrested in connection with the incident, the deputy county commissioner said. 

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