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Thursday, 15 October 2020

Battle of titans as Munya, Kiraitu plot 2022 governor contest


The battle for the top post in Meru is gaining momentum each day as the two leading political bigwigs strategise to sway the masses.

Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi and his predecessor Peter Munya are still at loggerheads as each camp tours their strongholds in readiness for the 2022 campaigns.

The two camps have been trying to outwit each other with blame games over unmet promises and stalled development projects.

In the last week, Kiraitu has held more than five meetings in Central Imenti baptised as development tours to cool the growing pressure on his reign for not making 'Munya’s better best', as he was told by voters in 2017.

Munya has held meetings in Kionyo in Kiraitu's backyard, Nkubu, Kariene in Central Imenti, Urru in Tigania  and others in Igembe.

He questioned Kiraitu's utilisation of funds channelled to the county and blamed the county boss for doing little compared to his tenure that received less money.

Kiraitu, on the other hand, has downplayed allegations of skewed employment, especially the complaint that his administration has more people from Abogeta than other regions in the county.

He also states that he has achieved what Munya never dreamt of during his reign, especially improving water supply and upgrading the roads network.

On Sunday, Munya told Igembe people at Maili Tatu the boreholes he had sank were lying idle for lack of solar panels to provide energy to pump water.

He said he had allocated funds to upgrade Maili Tatu stadium to standards similar to Kinoru stadium which he initiated when he was the governor before the national government took over after Kiraitu signed an agreement with the Sports ministry.

Munya said residents should not regret not getting development but vow never to make a similar mistake in 2022.

Several MCAs including Deputy Speaker Elius Murega have left Kiraitu’s camp to Munya’s and vowed to stick with him.

Munya has teamed up with EALA MP Mpuru Aburi and many Meru MCAs while Kiraitu’s camp consists of deputy Titus Ntuchiu and Senator Mithika Linturi as well as some MCAs.

Munya will be holding meetings this weekend in the Igembe while opening Mwenge Miraa Sacco offices.

Kiraitu will from Wednesday have meetings at KeMU in North Imenti and in Tigania West, among other areas.

Four days ago, Kiraitu met with his fierce critic, a Munya ally, the Igembe North MP Maoka Maore, sparking speculation of a truce. 

Woman Rep Kawira Mwangaza has also declared she will dethrone Kiraitu.

Attacks by Mpuru against Kiraitu have particularly irritated the governor.

He has already moved to Meru law courts and sued the MP for allegations of defamation.

“We will match every Mpuru shilling with a dollar until he surrenders,’’ Murungi’s ally and Jubilee Party branch secretary Alhaji Mwendia declared.

Mwendia, who is also in charge Kiraitu’s itinerary as he is his events organiser, declared that his boss is ready to end the war against Mpuru and whoever associates with him.

Kiraitu and Mpuru were inseparable allies during the 2017 General Election but fell out and Mpuru now accuses Kiraitu of being a self-centered leader who choreographs the fall of other Meru leaders.

Mpuru lost the Tigania East seat to Gichunge Kabeabea on Munya's PNU, which he refused to fold into Jubilee.

Meru assembly Majority leader Victor Mutuma and Kangeta MCA Romano Mwito accused Mpuru of inciting and creating hatred among Meru residents.

“I have been summoned by some clerics and Njuri Ncheke elders wanting diplomacy to solve issues rather than insults. We won’t be silent when he is creating divisions. He must pay for his deeds,” Mutuma said.

Mwito said Mpuru is Munya’s mouthpiece, recruited to hurl insults at other leaders in Meru.

Mpuru says Kiraitu cannot properly account for the billions released by the Treasury to the devolved unit for the last three years, as well as skewed employment.

Mpuru is now a staunch supporter of Agriculture Cabinet Munya, with whom he cut a deal aimed at reclaiming the governor’s seat in 2022.

Mwendia said Mpuru would suffer stiffer legal action if he fails to apologise to Kiraitu.

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