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Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Ahmednassir sends auctioneers to Kenha to recover Sh750k for Bentley windscreen


City lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi has instructed an auctioneer to attach three vehicles belonging to the highways authority to recover the cost of the damage to his luxury vehicle. 

A court had awarded Ahmednassir Sh750,311 to repair the windscreen of his Bentley Bentyaga which was damaged by a stone on a section of the Nairobi-Namanga highway. 

Ahmednassir had proved to the court that Kenya National Highways Authority workers had failed to erect road signs to warn motorists of dangers of falling rocks due to road repairs. The court awarded damages. 

Kenha dragged its feet in paying up the damages and even tried to appeal the ruling. 

On Tuesday, Abdullahi said three of the authority's vehicles were attached for auction to recover the court-awarded money. 

"Following @KeNHAKenya failure to honour the decree for damages caused to my car's windscreen, I have sent auctioneers who have proclaimed three motor vehicles to recover the decretal sum of Sh730,000," Abdullahi said on Twitter. 

The three vehicles, KBW919E Prado, KCP535K Prado and KCT764Y pickup were attached for auction by Mbeki Auctioneers with estimated values of Sh500 each. 

The auctioneer's licensee Agnes Munyao confirmed to the Star that she had been instructed to kickstart the process. 

Munyao explained that she listed the estimated values of the vehicles to be Sh500 each to take care of the possibility of the values going up once they are valued. 

“As a procedure, I'd rather put lower value then engage a valuer than overestimate their values,” Munyao said. 

According to the Kenya Revenue Authority, a Bentley Bentyaga costs between Sh30 million and Sh51 million.

The first batch of  Ahmednassir's type of car was imported into the country in 2017. Only three were sold last year and five in 2018. 

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