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Sunday, 13 September 2020

Why do women find it difficult to pay for dates?


Dear Felly,

Quick question...why is it that women have issues paying for dates? I thought the subsequent fluid exchange is mutually beneficial…




Dear M,

My guess would be that it all depends on why you are eating together, (date), in the first place. If it is purely to fatten each other for the slaughter, I guess you could take turns on who pays for the dates.

Usually, though, some men expect women to pay for the date and still get husband or boyfriend benefits. If you expect the date to go beyond fluid exchange, then men ought to man up and play masculine roles.

I know we have the “women can and should pay for dates” brigade. You can also go that way if you enjoy premium tears or you are a man who operates in feminine energy.

All human beings have masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy is dominant. If you allow a woman to be the provider, protector, she will draw from her masculine energy, making her dominant. This could be the reason men complain that women are not like women of old who respected their men. If she is being a man, she will demand that respect you expect, and if she is paying for things, you will feel her. To live happily, you will have to decide whether to be a man or draw from your feminine side.

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