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Monday, 14 September 2020

Whatsapp has new feaures

 WhatsApp will no longer work on millions of smartphones from February 1.

WhatsApp has undergone many changes to its features this year making it easier for users to be able to enjoy communicating under the platform.

The platform now has the latest betas for iOS and Android that include compelling options to search messages by date, identify large files to better manage device storage and delete old messages and files.

It also has an option to keep “starred” messages.

You can now be able to identify fake news with the new feature it has that sends forwarded images to the web. It currently has a dark mode feature that inverts the colours of your screen to create a darker theme for messaging in the dark.

The dark mode will help you squeeze every minute out of your battery life and it will reduce the strain on your eyes after lots of screen time.

This feature has been spotted on several beta versions of the iOS and Android apps. This newly found battery saver feature will only work if your phone has an OLED screen.

For those who are tired of being Catfished, WhatsApp is adding a new feature to the reverse image search.

This will allow users to click images sent over WhatsApp and search them in Google to verify their sources. It will make it hard for people to catfish others by using images that are not of them.

It also has the self-destructing messages feature that built so that seedy cheating lovers are sure going to enjoy.

The messages will automatically delete itself to stop prying eyes from snooping through your chats. It helps to keep your chats private as your conversations are hidden even if someone knows the passcode to your phone.

It has the end-to-end encryption and there are no backdoors in that security. Though what is not encrypted is the data around the messages that include who you message, when and how often. The data can be recorded and can in principle be provided to law enforcement.

Storage usage redesign is a feature expected to be on WhatsApp. The redesigned interface will consist of a storage bar at the top that will showcase the space consumed by the media files shared through the app. It will also consist of a clean-up option that lists forwarded and large files in a thumbnail view to help users review and delete them.

It will soon have the Vacation mode that is still being worked on and it will allow users to mute archived chat even in the event of receiving new messages.

You can also find out how long you have been ignored on WhatsApp by pressing and holding your specific message then tapping on the information icon.

Once you tap on it you will be able to check when the person reads your message.  

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