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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Stop threatening employees, Lomurkai tells Nanok


Loima MP Jeremiah Lomurkai has warned Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok against threatening to sack county employees.

Lomurkai and Nanok exchanged words during a function in Urum, Loima, while commemorating the anniversary of the Kenya-Uganda cross-border peace and development pact.

The MP claimed the governor is threatening to sack employees so he can manage funds the way he wants.

“It’s the government you formed to serve the interests of residents but county employees are not employed for the privileges of individuals, they are there for a right. Don’t threaten to sack them, if you want to sack them, just sack them once,” he said on Sunday.

The governor responded that he will lead his government as he sees fit to ensure the best service delivery for his people.

“The two years left [in my term] are for development and service delivery. I cannot accept an outsider eyeing the gubernatorial seat to destroy my government,” Nanok said.

He said he cannot allow an outsider with political ambitions to "plant his people" in county government, affecting services.

Nanok has warned employees they risk losing their jobs if they fail to deliver services to the poeple.

Last week, Nanok advised aspirants to leadership to tell the electorate about their plans, rather than resorting to attacks on him and his administration.

He urged leaders with positions in the national government and holders of elective office to bring resources to the people, saying they were concentrating on county politics though national resources were being shared.

"Those engaged in politics while serving in the county government need to quit to wait for the government they are planning. You cannot mix politics and service delivery because selfish interests will take precedence," he said.

He said the right successor was critical to ensuring continuation of his legacy of development.

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