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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

State urged to introduce sex education to end teen pregnancies


Reproductive health should be introduced in the syllabus to end early pregnancies, a lawyer has said.

Wendy Makena, a prominent Meru-based lawyer, said the rate of school dropouts was alarming and it was time the country introduced sex education in schools.

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development is reviewing a course.

Makena said KICD ought to move with speed to ensure the curriculum is in place.

“It is a big challenge to tame girls nowadays because of technological advancement, so we need to take the bull by the horns and educate them on the dangers of early pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases,” she said.

Makena said the government should provide free sanitary towels to all school children who have menstruation.

She said girls who lack sanitary pads end up being lured into early sexual intercourse in order to be bought pads.

About schools reopening, she said students and parents should abide by the ministry directives.

Makena spoke after she donated sanitary towels and face masks to about 50 girls from Nkuene ward, South Imenti constituency in Meru county.

She backed the advisory by Chief Justice David Maraga that President Uhuru Kenyatta should dissolve Parliament for failing to enact legislatiopn on  the two thirds gender rule.

Maraga made the decision after receiving petitions and followed due constitutional process, Makena said.

“Maraga did not just wake up and made the decision. There is a tangible reason for his action. He received many petitions especially from lawyers and lobby groups advocating for women's empowerment,” Makena said.

She said the Constitution was formulated in 2010 and the first MPs were elected in 2013.

“There should be no excuse about the failure by the legislators to device measures to implement the two-thirds gender rule,” Makena said.

“It should not only be done in Parliament but in political parties, offices and all other places where there are leadership positions and employment.”

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