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Saturday, 5 September 2020

Return my son, mother of abducted man pleads

 Aphonse Mwanda's mother Elizabeth Kilola holds his portrait at Haki Africa offices on Friday, September 5, 2020

A 25-year-old man kidnapped by unknown persons from their house in Chaani, Mombasa, on the night of August 24 has not been seen again.

His abductors broke into their house, identified themselves as police officers, ordered all occupants including Mwanda’s younger brother Leonard Maghanga to lie face down before asking for their names, a familiar modus operandi now.

“When my brother identified himself, they picked him up and went with him outside,” Maghanga said.

Their mother Elizabeth Kilola said she was menacingly ordered to go back to sleep when she went out to inquire where the people were taking her son.

She has visited all police stations, hospitals and mortuaries in Mombasa but has failed to locate her firstborn son.

“I am now confused. I cannot think of anything else other than my son. Please, let the government inform us the whereabouts of my son,” she pleaded.

It is another case of enforced disappearance at the Coast.

There is fear that a dreaded elite squad within the security organs has been revived to undertake clandestine operations that target people suspected to have terror links.

Haki Africa rapid response officer Mathias Shipeta says Mwanda’s enforced disappearance is the fifth in less than four weeks.

“In the last three years, we have lost over 100 people in the Coast region in this similar manner,” said Shipeta.

Three weeks ago, two clerics Khalid Swaleh and Juma Shamte from Markaz Noor mosque in Mtondia, Kilifi county, and a gardener Hassan Onyango, were abducted from their homes near the mosque.

They were released after 12 days in custody with no charge against them.

Four weeks ago, a man identified as Kalama was also picked up from his house in Likoni by people who identified themselves as police officers.

“This is a worrying trend,” Shipeta said.

Harriet Muganda from Haki Africa said it makes no sense to give birth and raise a child but when they reach 24-30 years old they are forcefully disappeared or extrajudicially killed.

“Should we as mothers stop giving birth?” she posed.

Shipeta called on Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai and Interior CS Fred Matiang’i to put an end to such cases.

 “If some security agents are overwhelmed by their work, they should resign and let other law-abiding officers take over,” said Shipeta.

“We cannot be losing our fathers, sons and daughters in this manner every day.”

Police in Mombasa have denied involvement in the abduction, saying they will be investigating the matter.

The case was reported at Changamwe police station.

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