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Sunday, 2 August 2020

Ruto raids Raila turf as Sudi hosts Nyanza delegation

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi in Eldoret

DP William Ruto has embarked on making political forays into the Nyanza backyard of Opposition chief Raila Odinga after his close ally Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi hosted a delegation of more than 1,000 youths and elders from the Luo community on Saturday.

Ruto has had many political activities in all parts of the country except in the Luo Nyanza region, which is Odinga’s home and political stronghold.

The delegation mostly from Kisumu county traveled in buses to Sudi’s home in Eldoret where they presented a memorandum ahead of a planned visit to Ruto’s Sugoi home in the next two weeks.

Sudi while addressing the delegation said they would open a new chapter of politics in Nyanza and other parts of the country.

Leaders of the Nyanza group who spoke during the event said they were tired of being branded as the political property of Raila and that they had changed to embrace politics of development.

“In Nyanza, things are not the same anymore. DP Ruto has support there and he should be ready to come and meet those who believe in him. They will be his votes come 2022,” the leader of the delegation Stephen Midenyo aka Mada said.

Midenyo's delegation has christened itself Nyanza Movement for Ruto 2022.

Others who spoke during the brief event included Judith Okedo, Charles Ouko and Everest Ocampo. They praised Ruto’s style of politics and leadership and regretted that the people of Nyanza had wasted themselves for many years playing retrogressive politics.

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa was present.

“We have seen what the DP has been doing in all other parts of the country except Nyanza and we have come here to tell you, Sudi, that we need him in Nyanza so that we can benefit from the same,” Midenyo said.

He said Odinga had joined the Jubilee administration yet people in the Nyanza region had nothing to show for his handshake with President Kenyatta.

“We now want to play politics where all will benefit. We are tired of being used every election year to throw stones but end up getting nothing,” Midenyo said. He said they would henceforth play politics of peace and development.

Sudi said he would organise for the delegation to meet DP Ruto and that vulnerable youth and other groups would be  assisted to improve their lives.

The MP said Ruto earns more than Sh2 million per day from selling eggs and wondered why some people were always branding him as corrupt whenever he goes out to assist churches and other Kenyans using his money.

"I want to tell you that as hustlers the best way to go is to plan yourselves and everything will be possible," Sudi said.

He said although politics in the country had always been characterised by tribalism and chaos, things will not be done in the same way come 2022.

“I am happy you have said that you don’t want politics of stone throwing and we will move forward to unite all Kenyans from all tribes,"  Sudi said.

He regretted that President Kenyatta had renegade on his agreement with DP Ruto that they would not play politics of tribalism which caused the 2007-8 post election violence.

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