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Monday, 3 August 2020

Allow senior citizens in church, Uhuru told

Some pastors in Meru are appealing to President Uhuru Kenyatta to allow people above 58 years and those below 13 to attend church services.

Reverend James Nyaga and Pastor Patrick Maina of the Excellent Glory Centre (EGC) Meru said leaving out minors from churches was detrimental and would lead to a generation that does not recognise or know God.

They said the decision by the inter-faith committee that advised President Kenyatta to lock out minors and elders would generate moral decadence.

Reverend Nyaga quoted Judges 2:10, describing how a generation that never has spiritual nourishment or knows God is vulnerable.

“The committee shot itself in the leg. If it is not tackled in a sober way, it will bring a crisis in the near future. The cry about high teenage pregnancy within the prohibited age bracket is an indication of a generation lost,” Nyaga said.

Uhuru allowed churches and other places of worship to reopen on July 14, where a maximum of 100 participants will be allowed in.

President Kenyatta directed that a service should not last more than one hour, but added Sunday schools and madrassas remain suspended.

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