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Friday, 3 July 2020

Are You Ready to Lead Post Covid19?

The Covid-19 crisis has made leadership a hot topic. More than ever, the world needs effective leaders. As we advance further into the twenty-first century, the burden of leadership will grow, and you will be called upon to share in that burden. Currently, this is the global reality – people are now required to demonstrate leadership in this crisis. Are you ready to lead?

Many professionals in the corporate ranks do not see themselves as leaders. They believe that they do not qualify because they are not in the management team or the CEO. Therefore, they do not bother with leadership thinking, habits, or practice. This perspective and attitude are not useful in the face of the current global crisis. We do not know how long the global crisis will last or how life will be post Covid-19, but however it goes, one thing is sure: we need you to lead.

The leader within you needs to rise because you are a leader. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Post Covid-19 will present unique challenges and you will be required to dig deep into yourself to find solutions. Life as we knew it is over. The normal that we were used to no longer exists and no one is sure how the new normal will play out long-term. But as we watch the new normal unfold, are you ready to lead?

If my question raises concern, do not panic. Leadership can be taught and learned. You can upgrade your leadership skills with the numerous resources on and offline. All you must do is mentally assume the position of a leader. You must first see yourself as a leader to function as one. You must be willing to lead.

Now, we need willing leaders. We need skilled leaders. We need courageous leaders. We need you, yes you, leading where you are. We need you to add value, inspire greatness in the people around you, and bring hope to your environment. In this season, you must be intentional about lifting people up – that’s leadership.

We are headed for interesting times. In the coming weeks, months, and years, you will be called upon to lead in various capacities – in your home, place of worship, work, community, etc. – and when it happens, rise to the challenge because you can do it. You do not have to be 100% ready. Use what you have to make a positive impact on where you are and that is enough.

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