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Monday, 1 June 2020

ODM, Mudavadi clash over Wetang’ula ouster

Sifuna The Orange Democratic Movement has hit out at Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi for linking a “leader of a National Super Alliance (Nasa) coalition” to the ouster of Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula as Ford-Kenya party leader.
In what  threatens to tear Nasa coalition further apart, the Raila Odinga-led party also took a swipe at Mr Mudavadi’s further claims that Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) Secretary-General Francis Atwoli had a hand in the Ford-Kenya “coup.”
The ANC leader on Sunday issued a statement that the ODM party views as directed at its leader Raila Odinga.
In the statement, Mr Mudavadi accused a politician he only described as the leader of a “Nasa party” as an architect of the Wetang’ula ouster as Ford-Kenya leader.
 “I am aware that this mischief has been in the making for some time now. It is calculated to invade and destabilise all independent minded political parties.”
“The mischief has been escalated at a number of meetings led by the leader of a Nasa member party, whose objective is to destroy and dominate everyone politically,” read Mr Mudavadi’s statement.
In the plot, Mr Mudavadi said, “they are aided by the Cotu secretary-general. 
 “This ugly ploy reminds us of the Watergate scandal of June 1972, when the leader of a political party in the United States invaded another party in the manner that we are now witnessing in Kenya. It is both against the political parties Act (2011) and a big shame,” added Mr Mudavadi.
But in a terse statement Sunday evening, ODM did not have kind words for the ANC leader.
ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna said the cowardice that informs Mudavadi’s politics is such that he wouldn’t even mention the “leader of a Nasa party” he was making reference to.
 “It is in public domain that Mudavadi has been holding meetings with politicians of different shades in the past few weeks.”
 “We have neither raised any issue about it, nor begrudged him the right to chart his own political future, when not crossing the land trying to be a fence-sitting compromise candidate. It is imperative in the same vein that he must let Ford-Kenya members and officials chart their own future too,” Mr Sifuna said in the statement.
Mr Mudavadi in 2002, he said, chose Kanu over NARC and UDF over ODM in 2013, “with disastrous results, but still within his rights.”
 “He has no right to lecture anyone on political choices, given the catalogue of failures from his own choices since 2002, and from which he has been politically saved countless times by the “leader of a Nasa party,” Mr Sifuna said.
He went on: “We notice that he has chosen to also drag the name of Cotu SG Francis Atwoli into the saga.”
“Barely four years ago when Mr Atwoli held similar meetings to which he is holding now, and whose sole beneficiary at that time was Mudavadi, didn’t the latter have a problem with it. As usual, Mr Mudavadi prefers to be the hyena that follows a man, hoping his hands will fall.”
The same way he sat pretty as Atwoli organised everything to make him the “Luhya Spokesman”, which gave him his current political profile, is the exact way Atwoli would push the same resources and clout behind more capable people,” read the ODM statement.
 “We therefore wish to remind him that among the people he has derisively referred to as “quislings” include political achievers like Governor Wangamati, Hon Wamunyinyi and Hon Simiyu Eseli, who, having been Ford-Kenya Secretary General for such a long time, must have had a prime ring-side seat to watch the failure and utter ineptitude he has accused his former party leader, Senator Moses Wetang'ula of.” 

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