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Saturday, 20 June 2020

Fear of contracting Covid-19 keeps Nyeri residents out of hospitals

The number of patients seeking health services at the Nyeri County Referral Hospital has reduced by 40 per cent.
Many residents fear coming to contact with Covid-19 patients and contaminated surfaces.
The nine positive cases in the county including three health workers has heightened their fear despite the promise of free medical services through Universal Health Coverage (UHC).
Outpatient department of the facility is the most affected area with only a few people walking in for treatment.
Further, cases of upper respiratory tract diseases and diarrhoea have also reduced in the county.  
“This is as consequence of wearing masks and washing hands regularly,” said the County Head of Medical Services Nelson Muriu.
Data collated by the Health department indicates that between January and May this year, there was a reduction in diarrhoea by 50 per cent and 60 per cent reduction in upper respiratory tract diseases.
“Again these are absolute numbers which might not be representative due to an equal reduction in the outpatient attendance,” he added.
However, should there be a normal flow of patients at the facility, Dr Muriu said the decline for respiratory infections would stand at 20 per cent while those for diarrhoea would be five per cent.
Concerns have been raised over rise in patients with chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension in the county.
Two in every three people in Nyeri die of a lifestyle related diseases while 700 new cancer cases are recorded annually.
According to Dr Muriu, the cancer clinic is still open despite Covid-19 being reported at the referral hospital.
The county, is however, using community health volunteers to monitor patients with diabetes and hypertension.
He said most health facilities have reopened their non-communicable disease clinics.
Dr Muriu said the referral hospital is reopening elective surgery which had been halted due to Covid-19 preparedness.

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