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Thursday, 14 May 2020

Read Ben Cyco’s sister, Joy Wairuri’s last words to Kenyans before demise

Over the weekend, on Sunday May 10, 2020, Joy Wairuri, Ben Cyco’s sister went to be with the Lord after battling AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia).
She had the support of so many Kenyans who rallied around helping the family raise funds, Ksh 5.3 million that was going to help her get a bone marrow transplant.

Ben Cyco spoke for the first time on Monday after the loss of his small sister and he is certain she is in heaven because of her unshaken faith when she was alive.
“Joy you fought well. You fought a good fight. I remember when cancer relapsed and I had to break the news to you, we made a promise to each other that we would fight all the way to the end, and you did sis, you fought HARD. I remember setting up a Netflix account for you on your phone on Saturday, so excited that you were not going to be bored anymore little did I know it was our last encounter 💔💔. Though I’m sad, I’m at peace with the fact that your faith in God was unshaken and now you are in Heaven, You are in a better place Joy. Rest In Peace baby sis, We Shall meet again @_fu.raha_ 🧡🧡” Ben Cyco posted
Today CITAM Valley Road, the church where she was a member, has sent out a thanksgiving message to Kenyans for helping Joy’s family in fundraising for her medical bill.

‘Little did I know it was our last encounter’ Ben Cyco mourns death of sister Joy Wairuri

In the statement, they posted the last message an overwhelmed Joy had to all those who contributed in one way or the other.
The good news is they had raised Kshs 2,141,000 which was a good amount in just a few weeks of the campaign.
“It is with sadness that we announced to you the passing on of Joy Wairuri, after a long and brave fight with Leukaemia. It is with hope we mourn her loss, knowing the confession of her faith in Jesus Christ and even, more so, in pain. Your determined acts of kindness in giving towards her medical treatment made a whole lot of difference. In her own words through a text, `Wow. I didn’t expect it. I am really honored and feel loved (and) blessed. I didn’t see that coming.” What is more encouraging is that many who contributed did not know her, had not seen her or felt her touch. The support received transcended the boundaries of Kenya. Thank you, world, for loving Joy. As at 11th May 2020, we had contributed KShs 2,141,000. From the Youth Ministry at CITAM Valley Road, we are grateful to each one of you for your fervent prayers and generous giving and so is the family of Joy Wairuri. We continue praying for God’s comforting hand of grace to rest on all affected by this loss. ” CITAM posted
Throughout the comment section, her friends and those who interacted with her attested that she was a bubbly girl with nothing but pure intentions.
May Joy rest in peace.

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