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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

‘I am dating my girlfriend and her mother’ Confession leaves Kamene and Kibe in shock

The Morning Kiss on Wednesday was one of those days Kamene was left in shock after Kibe shed some light on the immorality of relationships in Nairobi.
When you hear and see people saying Nairobi is one small bedroom, they mean exactly that. Guys are now zero-grazing in relationships. Sleeping with your partner’s best friend or parent.

Kibe shed light on this after opening a platform for his followers to ask him any question.
“On Saturday I put up the tag ‘ask me a question’ on Instagram. So the most rampant question other than if I have been with you was people saying how they are in a relationship but they are also dating their mother, sister or best friend. Other women saying that every weekend they meet their boyfriend’s dad or best friend.” Kibe said.
Kamene was in shock because as far as she is concerned, that has never happened to her. She was even more shocked when the mention of parents came on the way. Surprisingly after opening the phone line to her listeners, they confessed a lot. Proving this situation is real.
Caller 1: Morning Kamene and Kibe, about that story, there is a friend of mine (A Male) who was being katiwad by the girl’s friend. He decided to go two ways. He slept with the two of them, then dumped them all. This results in the guy losing respect.
Caller 2: I had a party on my birthday last year. My friend was brought to the party by the mother and when people got a little bit tipsy she came to dance to me and started suggesting we should be together at least twice a week.
Caller 3: I had a very close friend who would come over we play FIFA and then I do not know how he got my mother’s number he started sending her suggestive messages, offering himself sexually to  her. Luckily, in this case, my mother stopped him and she told me, our friendship had to end in a very salty way.
Kamene in shock that people are stepping out, said even a friend’s ex is a no go zone for her.

When I started working some guy started katiaing me and it was nice I was like its cool let me listen to him. One time we went for an event with my very close pal and then we meet him at an event. She goes to say hi to him and I am like ooh you know each other? It makes this an easier road to travel. But imagine she tells me remember the day I was telling you about this guy who did one to three, it was him. I was like wow. But in as much as he knew I was close friends with his ex he was still so confident in still katianng me. He kulad a block.
Kibe did not understand why she was shocked.
This is something that is happening rampantly so it is not a problem. It has become normal so we need to rethink how we interact with our partner’s close people.
Imagine going to your boyfriend’s house and find your friend leaving his house?
Kamene answered saying,
You will find me on the headlines, Kamene has killed somebody because…I can not
Caller 4: These things happen. You find your girl is pretty and then you go home and find the mother is looking at you some type of way and to make it worse she is hot.
Caller 5: These things are there. You are dating then your girlfriend’s friend comes to you crying based on a problem she is going through and being a man you comfort her and then the worst happens.
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Caller 6: I had a girlfriend and we were in a very serious relationship but her best friend used to katia me live and she’d tell me do not tell your friend. The girls are so desperate and jealous of your friend’s success in a relationship and you come for your friend’s man so we men find ourselves in very compromising situations.
Caller 7: I was in a relationship with some chic then the mother katiad me, she would send me money to get the daughter drunk then I take her home and then the mum would start coming on me. The relationship had to end because the girl found out.
From today’s call, this is clearly a problem going on heavy and people seem to be taking it casually.

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