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Friday, 15 May 2020

Curfew and travel rules set for review

The government plans to review security measures put in place to control the spread of Covid-19 this weekend.
This comes as scientists and economists differ on whether to reopen the economy fully or continue with the partial lockdown.
All the security measures, including cessation of movement in and out of select counties are due to expire over the weekend. Other regulations have already expired.
The National Command Centre on the Coronavirus Pandemic is currently reviewing the enforcement of the existing public health measures against the rising numbers of positive cases and will present its findings to President Kenyatta tomorrow.
Security sources have told the Nation that restrictions in some areas could be eased as others are tightened, based on current risk and projections.
It’s also likely that more sectors in the economy could be reopened following an evaluation of whether the controlled reopening of restaurants is working or not.
The government will also determine what to do with border towns, which are emerging as problem areas.
They include Isebania, Busia, Kajiado, Mandera, Wajir and Namanga. There is a likelihood of some of them — like Eastleigh and Mombasa Old Town — facing stiffer restrictions.
Health Chief Administrative Secretary Mercy Mwangangi hinted at what is to come for areas registering a spike in cases Thursday.
“The government is closely watching the developments,” said Dr Mwangangi. “We appeal to the communities living in border counties to exercise Nyumba Kumi,” she said.
The challenge for the Kenyan government is how to slow down the number of infections while not suppressing the economy.
Indications are that country is still far away from reaching the peak of infections, and that the worst is yet to come.
“It requires us to maintain the current containment measures, but we are also evaluating how we ensure continuity of business while at the same time reducing the spread of the virus,” said Dr Mwangangi.
Across the country, however, life appears to be slowly going back to normal as the initial scare among Kenyans over the disease eases. Traffic jams, for example, are back in Nairobi.
From a spot check, residents seem more aware of their hygiene and restaurants that have reopened are operating on strict social distance rules.
The Nation has also learnt that there are plans to resume air travel, and stakeholders are currently evaluating how to do it safely without introducing new cases of Covid-19 in the country.
One of the options being considered is ensuring travellers have a Covid-free certificate to show that they have recently tested negative for the virus.
A pilot programme on the effectiveness of the card that will expire every 14 days is currently being tested on truck drivers.

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