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Saturday, 18 January 2020

Former judge Daniel Aganyanya suffers heart attack

Justice Daniel Aganyanya.
Retired judge Daniel Aganyanya has died at Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu after suffering a heart attack.
His daughter Caroline said he had developed breathing problems earlier while he was at their Cheptulu home in Hamisi, Vihiga County on Friday.
"I drove him to Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu today (Friday). We had initially hoped to fly him to Aga Khan in Nairobi, where he could be treated by his doctors," said Ms Aganyanya.
She added: "On the way to Kisumu Airport, I noticed he was not okay... While on the way, I realised he was having more trouble breathing. And when we arrived at Aga Khan, he suffered a heart attack. Doctors resuscitated him but he suffered a second heart attack and died."
In 2013, Aganyanya wrote a book titled The Judicial Purge 2003 – That Never Was. He claimed that judges were bribed using cash, trips abroad and sex - to tilt rulings.
He survived a purge in 2003 and continued serving as a judge for 38 years before retiring in 2012.
His book, however, seemed to confirm accusations levelled against the Judiciary by various commentators, even as he tenaciously defended his integrity.
Justice Aganyanya, who successfully fought allegations that he received a Sh900,000 bribe from a litigant, appeared to suggest in his book that the problem with the Judiciary was the lack of moral fibre in individual officers.
He blamed this on the process of appointment — and vulnerability to what he called "an extremely powerful Executive", especially during the Nyayo era.
Ms Aganyanya said her father’s body was moved to Agha Khan Hospital mortuary in Kisumu.

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