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Saturday, 7 December 2019

MCAs stuck in Uganda village after planning secret trip

EACC chief executive Twalib Mbarak.
Embu MCAs are stuck in Uganda where they secretly went for a bench-marking trip. The MCAs traveled last Sunday, to benchmark on Uganda’s Namugongo Shrine, seemingly flouting the government’s ban on bench-marking trips. The assembly, which has 33 MCAS, has planned the trips so that only a few go at a time, without raising eyebrows. Four flew from Nairobi to Kampala last Sunday but were holed up in Namugongo village for several days after roads were washed away by the floods. They will return early next week. Corridors has learnt a second batch of MCAs will be flying out this weekend, followed by yet another. This means the MCAs will have pocketed their 10-day allowance, totaling to Sh 7.8 million. The assembly has remained mum on the bench-marking trip but Corridors has learnt that Twalib Mbarak’s team is investigating the trip.

A wealthy family associated with a vocal politician is said to have taken one of the witnesses in a high profile murder case abroad. The family is working around the clock to cover their kin who has been mentioned in the case. He was mysteriously turned into a witness. Their kin is expected to be the last witness in camera at a Nairobi court. The Corridors could not establish the motive behind the paid trip abroad.

Did an Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) detective attached to Homa Bay county tipoff a graft suspect to help the fellow escape arrest? Well, this is the question in the lips of many at the Cyprian Awiti-led administration after it emerged that the individual conveniently took leave so that he is not apprehended. Those closely following the events say the man, with a penchant for skirts, escaped to a neighbouring country and has been conducting checks on the goings on back at home through another phone. He reportedly left his phones behind after taking the trip.

Fingers are pointing at top government official from Rift Valley who is being accused of frustrating local leaders’ efforts of pushing for elevation of a town to acquire city status. The senior officer in charge of a key department that is at the center of the march to city status is said to be frustrating any projects that does not benefit her personally. Her love kicks back has led to the stalling of the process-forcing officials of a municipality board to wonder whether she has more power than the governor or she is in control of the county chief. Corridors have it that the lady has been telling anyone who cares to listen that the governor cannot do anything to her because she is in ‘good books’ with the county chief. Her powers over the county chief were evident when she declined a transfer from one department to another despite her department being the worst performer of the ten. Workers in the department have resolved to a go slow to try and force the executive to transfer or sack her altogether.

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