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Friday, 20 December 2019

Maranda High breaks qualification record in KCSE test

Maseno School
Maseno School, Agoro Sare Asumbi Girls High, Maranda High and Kanga School in Nyanza region produced the highest percentage of candidates qualifying to join university in this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations.
The schools from Kisumu, Homa Bay, Siaya and Migori, respectively, had over 86 per cent of its candidates for the exams attaining the minimum university entry grade of C+ and above.
With a mean score of 9.099, Maseno School in Kisumu county, which registered 477 candidates, topped the university entry qualifications in the region at 91.4 per cent, with 436 qualifying for direct university entry.
The school had 23 candidates who scored straight As, 89 A-, 109 B+, 99 Bs, 73 B- and 43 C+.
Closely following it was Asumbi Girls in Homa Bay with 357 out of its 405 candidates scoring C+ and above, representing, 88.1 per cent of its candidates.
The legendary Maranda High School in Siaya had 87.8 per cent of its 705 candidates who sat the exam qualifying for university, with 19 of them scoring straight As.
The national school in Bondo Sub-county, which recorded the most remarkable improvement in performance with a mean of 8.9 up from 8.4 last year, posted 19 straight As to emerge the best in Siaya County.
Out of the 705 candidates who sat this year’s exam, 619 qualified for direct entry into university, the highest university entry ever recorded by a single school.
The school had 142 students score A-minus, according to Principal Edwin Namachanja.
With a mean score of 8.7, Kanga School in Migori, which had 271 students qualifying for university entry, representing 86 per cent of its 315 candidates.
Kisumu Girls was the second best among girls schools in the region after Asumbi with 260 candidates representing 76.2 per cent of its 341 candidates qualifying for university admission.
Ng’iya in Siaya, which had a total of 392 candidates had 231 students scoring C+ and above, representing 59 per cent of the total.
In Kisii County, Kisii School topped with 349 students qualifying for university, representing 78.4 per cent of the total candidates, followed by St Charles Lwanga Ichuni Girls High School which had 259 (70.8 per cent) qualifying for university.
Nyabururu Girls had 346 qualifying, representing 69 per cent of its candidature.
Cardinal Otunga Mosocho High School had 122 candidates qualifying for university.
In Nyamira, St Peter’s Nyakemincha Secondary school with 211 qualifiers topped the county representing 80.2 per cent of its candidates, while Nyambaria Boys came second with 370 qualifying for university entry, representing 77.6 per cent of its candidature.
Other high performers were Kebirigo Boys High School with 109 candidates, representing 70.8 per cent of its candidates, qualifying for university admission.
Sironga Girls High were also among the top performers in the county with 323 qualifying, Nyamira Boys with 109 and St Paul’s Gekano Boys with 34.
In Homa Bay, top schools Agoro Sare, Asumbi Girls High, Mbita High, Orero Boys High and Homa Bay had a combined 1,453 candidates qualifying for university.
Agoro Sare had 364 candidates qualify, representing 88.9 per cent of its candidature. Mbita, with a mean of 8.466, had 303 candidates representing 82.1 per cent of its 369 candidature qualifying, while Orero Boys with a mean of 7.9 had 226 representing 79.6 per cent of its 284 candidates.
Homa Bay Boys had 203 candidates scoring C+ and above with a mean score of 7.7 3.
Siaya County’s Ramba Boys in Rarieda, which posted a mean score of 7.5, had a total of 301 candidates managing to score grade C+ and above, closely followed by St Mary's Yala in Gem Sub-county, which had 172 candidates qualifying for university.
St Mary’s Yala had 2 As, 21 A-, 38 B+, 44 Bs, 44 B- and 42 C+. Sawagongo High, which came third in the county with a mean score of 7.2 had a total of 263 of its candidates secure the minimum university entry grade.

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