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Monday, 16 December 2019

County boss says life in danger over his fight against graft

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua
Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has accused Deputy President William Ruto, National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale and Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen of making threats against his life.
On Monday morning, Dr Mutua went to the Kilimani Police Station's Directorate of Criminal Investigations offices to record a statement over the matter, saying that his life is in danger.
Speaking to journalists after recording the statement, Dr Mutua claimed that the threats from the three senior Jubilee Party leaders were made on two separate occasions at State House, Nairobi.
In a letter addressed to the Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai, Dr Mutua stated that the threats were issued “with unspecified consequences because of my statement on national issues”.
The Machakos governor noted his move to go public with the threat accusations was after conscious deliberations with his colleagues and lawyers, saying he came forward for the sake of his personal safety.
“I am putting this forth before Kenyans so that if anything unusual happens to me or members of my family or my associates, the three can be held accountable. I have reported this matter to Kilimani Police Station under OB No. 50/16/12/2019,” he said.
“I am asking Kenyans to pray for me because this is a bad country and we have bad people here in our country. Due to Kenya’s history [of] political assassinations, political violence and intolerance, the seriousness of these threats cannot be gainsaid,” the governor added.
In the letter to the police IG, Dr Mutua states that the first incident took place on November 25, 2019 at State House where he had gone to witness President Uhuru Kenyatta receive the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Report.
“While waiting for the function to start, National and Senate majority leaders Aden Duale and Kipchumba Murkomen made threats to me. Duale asked me what was wrong with me, saying that I have been attacking them and (he) will deal with me while Murkomen said they will have to teach me a lesson,” the county boss said.
Dr Mutua further said that Senator Murkomen told him that “when you touch the DP, you touch us”.
The Governor further claimed that Mr Duale, who is the Garissa Township MP, also made threats to members of his community living in Garissa, saying “What will you do? Do you not know that there are 50,000 Kambas in Garissa and I can deal with them?”
In the second incident that he said occurred on December 11, 2019, Governor Mutua said that the deputy president approached him and while “holding his hand tightly” told him “Wewe jamaa umekuwa ukinichapa sana (you fellow, you have been attacking me very much)” after which the DP further said “Wewe sasa lazima nikugonge. Nitakugonga (I must now crush you. I will crush you).”
“I was petrified, not only by the life threatening words uttered by Dr Ruto, but by the intensity of his eyes and angry tone of his voice. I have been quite disturbed by these threats and I do believe that Dr Ruto is serious and capable of carrying out his threat to my life and general welfare,” Governor Mutua said.
Dr Mutua also said that he is not in a position to ignore or negotiate these threats with those he has accused, noting that this is not political.
“How can you negotiate a threat when someone says they will finish you? Will you negotiate with them on how they will not finish you too much or finish you slightly? This is something that I have pondered upon; I just did not wake up and come to the station. I can see the intensity and the seriousness of these threats so I cannot take it lightly,” he said.
The governor further said that he suspects that his interest in advancing his political career by aiming for the presidency come 2022 as well as his fight against corruption and advocating for people’s rights are among the that have led to the threats he is facing.
“Just because I have shown interest in the presidency in 2020, in addition to fighting corruption by calling for lifestyle audits, I have been receiving these threats. Truth be told, I have not even mentioned Deputy President Ruto and when I did, it was only by asking what more he will offer Kenyans come 2022. So why me? Why am I a threat to them?” Dr Mutua posed.
The Machakos governor further called for the beefing up of his security, urging the police to investigate the matter.
“I strongly believe that these threats constitute a criminal offense. For anyone to use criminal threats to infringe on my rights should be punished in accordance with the law. However, I will remain unshaken as I am not a coward,” he added.

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