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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Treasury restores Judiciary funds after CJ Maraga's outcry

Treasury Building
The Narional Treasury has restored the Judiciary's full budget after being compelled by the court to do so.
Judiciary Chief Registrar Anne Amadi confirmed that the Treasury restored its funds through a letter dated November 6.
The Law Society of Kenya had filed a petition on October 25 challenging the Treasury's move to retain the funds.
The court issued orders to the Treasury, including a compelling order, directing Treasury to fully implement the approved 2019/2010 Judiciary budget.
During a public address on Monday, Chief Justice David Maraga accused the Executive of frustrating the Judiciary by holding on to its funds despite the institution's budget being approved by Parliament.
Maraga said the other arms of government should not interfere with the Judiciary.
The CJ added that the Judiciary would not be able to perform its tasks as planned, hence causing a backlog of cases.
He said the slash had hurt the Judiciary.
He said the National Treasury does not have any power to tamper with the funds allocated to the Judiciary once it has been passed by Parliament.
"The Constitution does not give such a direction in respect of the budget of any other state organ," Maraga said.

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