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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Pupil scores 70 in KCPE, city school disputes

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A primary school in Starehe has disputed Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam results for one of it's candidate who scored 70 marks.
Officials at Nairobi South Primary has attributed their reduced mean score this year to the incident.
The school's management said it will petition Kenya Nation Examination Council to re-mark the pupil's papers.
Examination results for the pupil in the last three terms showed that he scored 290, 338 and 306 marks consecutively.
“The results (KCPE) is showing he scored 14 marks in English, 14 in Kiswahili, 28 in Mathematics, 12 marks in Science and 02 marks in Social Studies,” the school said.
This is the second time a candidate's marks have been disputed by the school. A similar was reported in the school last year.

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