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Thursday, 3 October 2019

KOT angered by Kenya Railways' ban on food, beverages

Passengers queue to board a train at the SGR Mombasa Terminus on Friday last week /MONICAH MWANGI
Kenyans on Twitter were left infuriated after the Kenya Railways management prohibited passengers using its services from bringing beverages and foodstuffs.
Through a notice, the management said alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages and cooked food are strictly prohibited from into the termini and stations.
It further said the prohibited items will be confiscated at the security check-points and will not be repossessed.
Majority of Kenyans on Twitter openly voiced their displeasure at the directive.
"This cannot go on! How can you confiscate baby's food? Have you ever travelled with hungry babies? Mothers carry food for their kids because they know what is best for them. To have a smooth stress free trip. Then you want to take that away? It is a shame!," Katie Ndavi said.
Bosire said, "Anyways, tunarudi Modern Coast,"
James Njenga added, "If they will not allow you to carry your own water and food on board they should provide for free just like the airlines. You will not dictate to me how I'm gonna spend my hard-earned cash. I can still seek other alternatives,"
"RIP SGR. Sisi kama waluhya tunapinga vikali from the bottom of our stomach," Hamidzic Fadhil tweeted.
RK David, "Is Kenya railway opening a restaurant/kiosk of their own inside the train? Someone is manoeuvring for an opportunity,"
Sir Allen said, "Tutabeba kwa tumbo my friend. Hii bidii ya kutajirisha Cartels mtaacha. First, you only allow certain PSV Saccos to access the terminus. They overcharge us then now we can't carry our own food so we buy those maandazi mwitu at Sh100 after mumeongeza fare by 30% juzi tu?"
"SGR belongs to the taxpayers, imagine feeding an average family of 4/5 kids with the cheapest snack being Sh100. Are you punishing families for choosing the Madaraka Express?" Mwatsama said.
Adan Wachu added, "When institutions are behaving the way Kenya railway is doing, then know it that it is gravitating towards safari ya lala salama. They are indirectly forcing the travellers to buy their food which is expensive and it's not a choice of many. Travellers will switch to buses, it's cheaper."
"They want us to help them pay the SGR loan. But we are not boarding.," Rayhab said.
Khalai said, "You really need to roll up public participation before such a policy. Think about patients, about people with special dietary needs. There are people who suffer from peptic ulcers and gastritis these are killer diseases they need to have the food they are sure are spice free,"
Steven Owanga, "Food in the train is very very expensive for someone trying to save time and money by using SGR,"
"It's evident that cartels run the SGR. I was surprised to purchase water and the label is for an aviation services company," Mutunga Peter said.

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