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Monday, 7 October 2019

Educate voters not to elect the corrupt, Mutua tells churches

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua
Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has challenged church leaders to reject “corruption money” from politicians and other individuals in order for the country to wage a successful war against graft.
Dr Mutua said prayer alone will not cure the scourge of corruption which has condemned the country to economic stagnation, mass unemployment and increased poverty levels among Kenyans.
In a statement released on Sunday, Dr Mutua said although he highly supports the position taken by the Catholic Church in its renewed war against corruption, it is the high time church leaders took bolder steps to reject dirty money from individuals.
“I call upon the Catholic Church and other denominations and religious organisations to lead by example. It is hypocritical to call for prayers against corruption whereas some priests are receiving questionable money from politicians. We have invited corruption to the alters and pulpits. God is surely not pleased,” Dr Mutua said.
Catholic Church bishops while leading thousands of faithful in a national prayer day at the Subukia Shrine in Nakuru on Saturday, announced a raft of measures aimed at fighting graft in the country.
These will announced include holding weekly prayers, banning of cash donations and endorsing mobile cash transfers for contributions to churches.
At the same time, the bishops said political speeches will not be allowed in Catholic churches.
But Dr Mutua said if priests and pastors reject money from corrupt leaders, it will send a stronger message to those perpetrating the vice.
“Imagine if a priest or a pastor told a corrupt politician, ‘Thanks but we will not accept your contribution’?” Dr Mutua proposed.
He said declining questionable money would be action against corruption and, together with prayer, would go a long way in fighting graft and enlightening the faithful.
Dr Mutua said religious institutions should also hold special prayers and sermons in order to enlighten voters that their fate depends not only in prayer but also in their choice of leaders.
“Young men and women who are unemployed and families finding it hard to survive due to a slowdown of the economy as a result of corruption need to be encouraged not to vote for known criminals – killers, thieves and people with no development track record,” said Dr Mutua.

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